thrift contributions

Digital Thrift Contributions.

Earn up to 18% interest p.a when you save daily, weekly or monthly in a thrift contribution plan. Get access to micro-loans at 0% APR.

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Interest-free loan, while earning interest on savings.

Are you an entrepreneur or individual with a seemingly stable source of income? Save and earn interest while you become credible for loans.

Save money

With a thriftWith thrift contribution, you can easily save your money on schedule based on the plan you opted to. You can even automate your savings.

Earn Interest

Up to 18% interest p.a on all your savings as it accumulates based on your consistent contribution to the thrift plan.


Access micro-loan at 0% interest to urgently meet up needs that can help your life plans and goals.

Here’s Hassan

He just got ₦200,000 interest-free loan via thrift contribution

In October 2021, Hassan tested the thrift contribution on AjoMoney in private beta. He is an agro-farmer making ₦150,000 to ₦200,000 monthly income. He joined the ₦50,000 monthly contribution with the plan to restock with the savings. In 6 months, i.e April, 2022, he has saved ₦300,000 and was able to get additional ₦300,000 in credit from AjoMoney at 0% interest.

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