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Piggy Bank.

Achieve goals by saving early collection from rotating savings or your earnings, we make it possible for you to lock your fund in a piggy bank for targeted goals and build credit.

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Acheive goals, with growth savings.

Enjoy 8% to 16% per cent interest p.a when you save in your dedicated Kolo box. AjoMoney allows you to grow your money and reach your saving goals while also building credibility.


You can create as many Kolo as possible, save any amount into it any time and watch it accumulate interests.


You can automate the amount to be saved in your Kolo for you so you won’t have any worries. Just relax and money is getting saved.


You can leave your savings in the Kolo even after your set break date. The money will keep growing until you choose to break it.

here's chidi

He just cash ₦150,000 early from a rotating savings.

Chidi was a member of a rotating savings group of 6 members saving ₦25,000 monthly. He takes the number two spot after saving just ₦50,000. He did not need the money now, so he put it inside a kolo and locked it for 4 months till the entire rotating savings ended. In the sixth months, Chidi broke ₦156,000 from his Kolo instead of ₦150,000.

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