investment clan

Collective investment with peers.

Community investment that fosters collective growth, investment in assets alongside other people in a clan.

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Grow together, investing together.

We offer amazing naira and dollar investments spanning across fixed income, real estate and mutual funds.

Cool returns

With returns up to 20% per annum, you can watch your money growing and working for itself.

Collective growth

As every member of your clan is investing, you get a share from the investment and vice versa.

Low risk

We listed low real assets for you and provided inline with support of our regulated asset management partners.

Here’s Nedu

He now invests with his friends

Early 2022, Nedu created an investment clan on AjoMoney and invited eight (8) of his friends to join. They all put money into the clan pot together and proportionally share the return. It was better and grow faster than Nedu investing alone!