Digitizing the centuries-aged rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA).

The biggest problem in our society today is money, we’ve heard narratives that it was never the problem centuries ago because of community financing and trust built through collective savings and credit.

Mission and Vision

We are on a mission to promote financial inclusion and alleviate poverty in Africa through community financing and cooperative banking.

Our vision is to become a platform and an infrastructure for community financing through digital rotating savings, credit and collective investment.

Our Story

Tyms Africa was officially founded in September 2021 to help millions of Africans get out of poverty and bad debts through community financing.

We started by digitizing the centuries-aged rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA) where groups of people can form a community to save money and rotate credit collection.

In 2022, we introduced collective investment by making it possible for groups of people to invest together and share the returns proportionally. This is very more efficient than investing alone.

We’ve extended our solution to be available for cooperatives, thrift agents, businesses (MSMEs) and even developers (partners).

Our Team

We are obsessed with making an impact. We are headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and built a team of passionate and talented finance professionals, engineers, legal professionals and customer success expert who has experience spanning across global brands.

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