Cash Flow Management Plaform for SMEs

We help retail and online commerce businesses eliminate chaos in their finances with automated bookkeeping and accounting.

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Feature Rich

Complex Bookkeeping and Accounting Simplified for Every Business

Manually or automatically record income and expenses in real-time; manage customers, staff, items and stocks; generate invoices, track flows from all payment gateways and banks in one place; scan receipts and keep transaction files.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Automated accounting with 3rd-party integration access

Keep your records manually or automatically with Tyms. We support integration with your existing accounting and bookkeeping tools to ensure all your data are fully backup and accessible across systems. You can easily sync your data to and from Tyms.

Bank Reconciliation

End to end data sync from banks and gateways

Automatically pull data from all your bank accounts and payment gateway partners in real-time into a single platform for reconciliation.

Metric and Reports

Generate financial statement and reports

No more spreadsheet, automatically generate financial reports such as balance sheet and P&L. Share and collaborate with team.

Unified Platform

Control all your cash flow in one unified system

Run your business on your terms, we bring everything that is required for you to take control of your business financial data and streamline your financial operations.

No more spreadsheets: track bank balances, real-time reporting, balance sheet, P&L, Cash Flow, and sales/tax summaries. Get to know your profit and loss, customer performance, MRR, ARR, Churn, LTV and more.

Simple bookkeeping and accounting for SMEs

  • Manage business inflow and outflow
  • Manage invoices and receipts
  • Manage payables and receivables
  • Manage inventory and items
  • Manage customers and vendors contact
  • Automatic sync and track all bank accounts
  • Generate financial statements
  • AI powered chat bots via WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Multiple currencies and multiple businesses
  • Employee access for viewers and editors

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Automated accounting and finance for startups

  • Track both operations and platform financials
  • Manage your budget and actuals
  • Sync your admin system with banks and payment partners
  • Integrate with local and global banks for reconciliation
  • Metric and KPI dashboard
  • Financial forecast and modelling
  • Customer management with financial data
  • Manage multiple accounts and currencies
  • Access for accountants, bookkeepers and employees
  • Offer financial tools on your platform with Tyms API

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Monitor your finances in one place and never loose track of your business money. Irrespective of multiplle payment gateways or banks.

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